Data Compliance Solutions

Federal regulation requires that every fiduciary maintain accurate participants’ records, ensuring that pension funds, life insurance and other plans are not overpaying. With the many issues which have recently been reported about pension and government funds paying participants who are either ineligible, deceased or both, data compliance has become even more important for fiduciaries in the United States.

At LifeStatus360, we offer a myriad of solutions to assist you with your fiduciary and regulatory requirements. Our solutions are setting the new industry standards by providing daily results and data quality analysis. We use our proprietary sources, like Obit360 and LifeStatus Proprietary, to ensure that your results are accurate, allowing you to easily maintain the integrity of your records.

Find the Results You Need w/ Daily Reports

Data changes daily; shouldn’t you receive your data as it’s changing to ensure accuracy and reduce fiduciary risk of overpayment? Your data compliance provider should be able to keep up with the increasing demands placed on fiduciaries by the United States government. Traditionally, the data compliance industry only provided record updates as quick as weekly, though many companies requested the information bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually. However, deaths are registered every day.

The sooner you can find reconciliation, the faster you can save money. Fiduciaries should receive daily updates to maintain their records and avoid overpayments. Our solutions provide simple one-time results, but signing up for an audit subscription offer our exclusive daily updates that no one else in the data compliance industry can provide.

LifeStatus360 Provides Complete Data Compliance Solutions

When you’re looking for a data compliance solution, you want to be sure that your provider offers a complete solution. Our data compliance services at LifeStatus360 are complete solutions, and include:

  • Death Audit Solutions: find quick, reliable information about the mortality of your participants with Obit360 and LifeStatus Proprietary
  • Life Audit Solutions: MailAddress Pro, DOB Records, Relative Searches, SSN Verification
  • Unclaimed Property: locate participants to disperse benefit funds
  • Confirmed Locate: update your participant records with our exclusive technology
  • Missing Participants: locate missing participants and update your records

Our individual services work together to create a complete solution for our customers. Our subscriptions ensure that you receive your daily results to accurately maintain the data compliance of your fiduciary.

Sign Up for Data Compliance Solutions w/ LifeStatus360

Integrity is one of our core principles at LifeStatus360, and our complete data compliance solutions help our customers to maintain the integrity of their records. We use the latest technology to provide daily reports and the highest security protocols to ensure the privacy and safety of your data. If you’re ready to try a complete solution for your data compliance needs, let us show you how we can help.

Our team at LifeStatus360 will provide a walk-through webinar to show you how simple our proprietary SaaS platform is to use and how quickly you can receive the results you need. We invite you to take our 7/30 Challenge and let us prove why our solutions are the best in the industry! Contact us online or via telephone at 888-LIFE-360 to learn more about how our solutions can help your company.