LifeStatus360 Provides the Industry’s Quickest Death Audit Results

March 8, 2017

When maintaining any fiduciary, one of the most important tools are death audit reports, which provide valuable information on the mortality of your participants. Traditionally, many of the companies in this industry provide death audit services that report as late as weekly, but others report bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and annually. But data changes every day; should your death audit reports also be updated daily?

LifeStatus360 is the only company in the death audit services industry that provides daily results. We are setting the industry standards by providing daily results for our audit services, including our Life Audit Solutions and Death Audit Solutions. By transforming the industry with our daily reporting, we are not only meeting our customers’ expectations – we are exceeding them!

How Our Death Audit Solutions Provide Daily Results

Our Death Audit Solutions use a variety of methods which allow us to easily update your reports so that you have the data you need to save your fiduciaries time, money and headache. Using the latest technology, we pull our sources from:

  • LifeStatusProprietary (LSP): our proprietary commercial group of sources
  • Obit360: advanced obituary matching tools
  • NTIS DMF Certification: certified to receive the SSADMF
  • Proprietary web-based SaaS platform: developed in-house using Alpha Anywhere security protocols

Each of these integrations allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality Non-Public Personal Information with daily updates to keep your files up-to-date and prevent overpayments. Your company could be losing money – and is definitely losing time – even with weekly death audit updates.

Sign Up for Death Audit Solutions with LifeStatus360

LifeStatus360 is the only provider in the data compliance industry to provide customers with daily updates, in addition to our intuitive, user-friendly platform and security measures. Let us show you how our daily updates can improve the way you do business by contacting our team for a walk-through webinar. We’ll show you how easy our system is to use and how fast you can receive the data you need.

If you’re currently working with one of our competitors, we’re also offering a special percentage off of your current Death Audit rates for a limited time. After your trial period – our 7/30 Challenge – simply provide us with your most recent invoice, and we’ll beat that price.

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