Ensure the Compliance of Your Insurance Company Records

Every year, over $1 billion dollars is left unclaimed from life insurance policies, whether due to the insurance company being unaware of their deceased policyholders or not having access to the policyholders’ beneficiaries. While the insurance industry has different fiduciary regulations from retirement and pension funds, data compliance audits are still required by the federal government.

LifeStatus360 provides tools to help you manage your regulatory and fiduciary requirements, and we’re setting the new industry standards with our solutions. Using the latest technology and security software, we’ve created an easy-to-use, intuitive SaaS platform that we developed in-house to ensure the security of our sources, our data and our customers’ data. Security is one of our top priorities, and as the risk of cyberhacking continues to grow, we continue to integrate new security protocols into our SOP.

Check Your Insurance Rolls Using Our Advanced Technology

At LifeStatus360, we use advanced algorithms and our extensive records database to locate your policyholders’ mortality status and identify any relatives and beneficiaries. In addition to any requested death sources, such as State Vital Records and our proprietary data sources, we use the Limited Access Social Security Administration Death Master File for our insurance checks. We can identify your policyholders’ using:

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Death Certificate reporting
  • Address search
  • Obituary matching
  • First and Last Name search
  • DOB searches

We understand the unique needs and requirements of insurance companies when performing data compliance audits, and we tailor your searches to your specifications, ensuring that you receive the data you need as required by law. During an insurance check, we use our customers’ policyholder population and run the information through their desired death sources and perform a thorough data quality analysis before reporting back to our customers. Upon completion of the project, LifeStatus360 provides each customer with a Certificate of Audit that validates your regulatory compliance.

Find Customized Insurance Check Reports at LifeStatus360

Our advanced technology systems are housed in our Class A security building to ensure that our customers’ private data is secured against fraud, identity theft and cyber threats. While many of our competitors rely on outdated technology, we understand that technology is the way of the future and are always integrating new technologies into our advanced data compliance system. Our insurance checks report data your way: we can integrate any special requirements to ensure that you receive the data you need.

At LifeStatus360, we ensure that your data complies with all regulatory audit requirements to reduce your fiduciary risk and maintain the accuracy of your data. Join us for a personalized walk-through webinar and let us prove why our solutions are the best in the industry, and sign up for our 7/30 Challenge and experience the difference of our proprietary SaaS platform that’s available anywhere 24 hours a day.