Industry-Leading Data Compliance Solutions

The federal government requires every fiduciary to accurately report on the participants, their mortality status and accurate address and contact information. Adhering to these strict data compliance regulations may become overwhelming, allowing participants to slip through the cracks by not receiving their benefits or the fiduciary overpaying to ineligible participants. However, there is a solution to increase productivity and save money.

LifeStatus360 provides data compliance solutions to any fiduciary that needs fast, accurate reporting on their participants. Our solutions include Death Audit services and Life Audit services, allowing you to easily locate any information about your participants. Our proprietary SaaS platform provides our customers with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that provides daily record results. We understand that data changes daily, and our solutions provide the fastest results in the industry!

Industries That Benefit from Our Data Compliance Solutions

Maintaining accurate participant records is key when working with any fiduciary. LifeStatus360 provides a myriad of data compliance solutions, such as Life Audits and Missing Participants searches, to assist with your fiduciary and regulatory requirements. Industries we serve include:

Our reports can be customized to suit your individual needs. We us our proprietary sources to locate the data you need and provide quality data analysis on each of our reports to ensure that your data reflects the most accurate information Non-Public Personal Information.

Contact LifeStatus360 for Data Compliance Solutions

All of the industries we serve benefit from our data compliance solutions by reducing their risk and following due diligence processes. Using LifeStatus Proprietary, Obit360 and other certified data compliance services, we are able to combine all of the information you need in one simple, daily report. We are setting the new industry standards with our Life Audit and Death Audit solutions, and are refining the way our services are delivered.

We understand that fiduciaries require accurate information, and we provide the tools to make your job easier. Our services are designed to be simple to use and available when you need them. Let us show you how you can easily perform your due diligence tasks in a personalized walk-through webinar, and sign up for our 7/30 Challenge to experience the difference of our services. Contact our team online or via telephone at 888-LIFE-360 (888-543-3360) to learn how our services can benefit your industry.