Why We Chose Alpha Anywhere

November 24, 2015

Information security is a top priority across many industries. It seems a new data breach or unauthorized use of data is in the news more often than not. Given that data security is part of the mainstream, we understand our customers’ growing pressures to secure and protect their personally identifiable information. As a 3rd party vendor, we take security very seriously and believe transparency is vital in both our security practices and processes. We want to make sure that LifeStatus360 customers are aware of and understand the efforts we take to ensure that we have the best technology to manage, process, present, and secure private data.

A major factor in data security is ensuring that we pursued the best technology as we built and now maintain the new LifeStatus360. We were recently reminded of the importance of strong technology after the major shakeup at Iron Speed, an application/code generator for .NET developers, which was swiftly shut down over patent issues. The company quietly announced that it will cease software updates beginning at the end of 2015. While no one can possibly foresee the future, these sorts of situations are game changers in our industry.

When LifeStatus360 was in its very early stages, we looked at all of the possible technologies when it came to application development partners. Now more than ever we feel we made the best decision for the company and, more importantly, for our customers, by choosing Alpha Anywhere.

Alpha Anywhere provided the best solution and resulted in a number of benefits for LifeStatus360- from ease of use and fast development time to cost reductions and built-in security.

To read more about Alpha Anywhere and our continued satisfaction and success, we encourage you to read this case study.

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