Why is your provider holding your results hostage?

June 30, 2016

In real life, people can pass away at any time – so why are you only getting reports once a week? Life Status 360 is the only death audit provider offering clients daily, real-time results. We utilize multiple proprietary resources including our Obit 360 service to deliver daily updates. As soon as we get the data, we pass it along so that you can take immediate action. And we give you real results. There are no hoops to jump through, no specialized reports to navigate, download and consolidate – just real, simple data. Our reporting process makes it easy to understand the results and interact with them before creating a final report or exporting the data you need.

Quite simply, our continuous monitoring services and unique reporting systems will save you time and money. Life Status 360 is in the data business and we provide more accurate results faster than anyone else. Don’t settle for second best.

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