Limited Access Death Master File Certification

The Limited Access DMF is an important tool used for verifying death. Medical researchers, hospitals, and medical treatment programs use the Limited Access DMF to track former patients and study subjects, while law enforcement agencies, and investigative firms use the Limited Access DMF, in the course of their investigations, to verify a person’s death. In addition it can be used by pension funds, insurance organizations, Federal, State and Local governments and others responsible for verifying deceased person(s) in support of fulfillment of benefits to their beneficiaries.

By methodically running financial, credit, payment and other applications against the Limited Access Death Master File, the financial community, insurance companies, security firms and state and local governments are better able to identify and prevent identity fraud, and identify customers who are deceased.


Supplementing the Death Master File for Life Claims Data

Due to the changing regulatory environment around the Social Security DMF, insurance companies should be aware how these exclusions impact the identification of deceased policy holders.


Using the predictive modeling process in underwriting

As part of business analytics, the Predictive Modeling process is a search for explanatory values. It starts with the identification of a problem that needs to be solved: real estate appraisers want to predict selling price; executives want to predict sales; life insurance carriers want to predict mortality. Uncovering relevant relationships between the variable you are interested in predicting, and independent variables that influence its result, starts with statistical analysis. A mathematical model is then developed using a modeling technique like regression analysis that defines the relationship between the dependent variable and many independent (explanatory) variables. This can then be used to predict the value of the dependent variable based on changes in the independent variables.


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