The Evolution of LifeStatus360 & the Death Auditing Industry

August 14, 2017

Over the years, the death audit industry hasn’t experienced many changes. The companies who operate in this niche industry have several similarities, but the differences are where we lead. As new technology makes its way to the market, our team at LifeStatus360 continues to integrate new ways to report the data our customers rely on.

While there are significant differences between the leading companies in our industry, there are also similarities. Every company draws from the same sources and performs the same searches – a fuzzy search is a fuzzy search is a fuzzy search. However, this is where LifeStatus360 began differing from our competitors.

We realized that, while we all look in the same places for our data, we needed to find additional data to fil in the gaps left by the SSA DMF. We began to integrate obituary matches into our system, but realized there were still gaps in the data. This is where LifeStatus Proprietary (LSP) comes into play. LSP is our proprietary group of commercial sources that aids us in finding the maximum amount of data for our customers.

Many of the changes in our industry relate to the architecture that’s used for data reporting, and the leading companies use very different structures and methodologies to deliver data. This was our next step – changing the architecture and moving to a digital ease-of-use for our customers. Traditionally, our industry wasn’t environmentally-friendly. Many of our forests have sacrificed themselves for the old methodology in our industry, as paper reports would be printed and then mailed out to the customers. We changed this by making our new system purely digital, doing our part to save the trees and promote an eco-friendly atmosphere. Our competitors attempted to go digital with a defunct software company that went bust, another by implementing a desktop-based system that is only accessible from the terminal where it’s installed! These are very inefficient systems that could be compared to a traditional mailbox system where the postman stuffs the information into a box and the customer has to come retrieve the information.

The Switch to a Digitally-Based Death Audit Solution

Our progenitor, Small World Solutions, was the first company in the industry to make the switch to a digital platform. Our proprietary SaaS is based entirely online and is available at anytime from anywhere. When we first made the switch to digital, our customers were concerned with the security of our system. This is when we evolved to LifeStatus360 and fully integrated the highest level of security protocols into our SaaS. We are actually the only company in our industry who has a Director of IT with a background in technology. Our Director of IT, David F. Wiley, holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Software Engineering because tech requires tech. Many of our competitors have accounting or sales backgrounds, which dates back to the traditional model of death auditing.

With the rising amount of data breaches, security is even more important than it was in the past. Our system has security built into it, and we are regularly seeking new ways to secure our data and our customers’ data.

Find Death Audit Services at LifeStatus360

At LifeStatus360, we understand the need for speed and we aim to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable Death Audit and Life Audit data. In the race to be the best in our industry, we’ve increased our reports to as fast as daily, and we use a wide variety of data sources to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data.

If you’re searching for a new death audit provider, let us show you how our system works during a free webinar and take our 7/30 Challenge. During the 7/30 Challenge, you can experience our superior system for yourself and decide if our solutions are right for your company. Contact us online or via telephone at 888-LIFE-360 to learn more about how our solutions could benefit your organization!

Is your pension benefit information secure? With LifeStatus360, it is.

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