The Difference Between a Tech-Based Death Audit Company & Everyone Else

February 22, 2017

Technology continues to make waves in a variety of industries – consumer products, financials, logistics and government. As many companies begin to implement technological advances into their corporations and processes, there are some companies who continue to remain stuck in the past. Those stuck in the past rely on outdated technology that no longer serves an advancing society, as we can see by looking at many of today’s headlines:

In each of these articles, you can easily see where the government and other financial institutions have failed to update their systems and technologies. It costs time and money to update those outdated systems and technologies. However, there is an alternative – use a reliable service with the latest technologies: LifeStatus360.

How Technology & Data Compliance Solutions Intersect

LifeStatus360 uses a proprietary SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with a user-friendly interface and simple-to-use design that helps pension funds, unions, life insurance policies and social government programs to easily locate and disperse appropriate funds to living people. Several competitors in our industry use defunct and/or outdated technology. When obsolete tech is utilized by government agencies or private organizations, it’s easy to see why resources can be mismanaged or lost. Information processing, speed and accuracy are the keys.

Data is not updated once a week or once a month. Data changes daily. Our technology provides customers with the fastest results through our daily updates – something our competitors can’t provide. We scour thousands of obituaries and other data sources to ensure that our customers are receiving the information they need to save time and money. Not only does our technology enable us to provide our customers with daily record updates, but we also ensure the security of their data through a variety of security measures, which begin at the front door of our building and extend through our SaaS platform.

Contact LifeStatus360 for Technology-Based Death Audit Services

At LifeStatus360, we understand the importance of finding the data compliance information our customers need, and are dedicated to providing results faster than our competitors. We’re changing the industry standards across the board – from integrating the latest security technology to the speed of our results. Every day, we exceed the expectations of our customers, and we are committed to continuing our Standard of Excellence.

Learn how our technology can help your company save time and money while maintaining the integrity of your data by signing up for our 7/30 Challenge. Contact our team online or via telephone at 888-543-3360 (888-LIFE-360 (888-543-3360)) and let us prove how technology can change the way your company performs data compliance tasks.

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