Life Status 360, LLC Announces their Support for the Overdue Issue of Section 203 of Budget Act of 2013

LifeStatus360 supports the issue regarding the Social Security Administration (SSA) Death Master File (DMF) and the yet to be defined “certification” process.

President Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, effective December 26, 2013, which includes Section 203. Section 203 becomes effective March 26, 2014; it restricts access to the SSA DMF for a period of 3 years (excluding persons who are certified under a program to be established by the Secretary of Commerce). LifeStatus360 supports the issue regarding the Death Master File (DMF) and the yet to be defined “certification” process.

What does this mean to clients of LifeStatus360?

Under the program, the Secretary of Commerce will not disclose any information on the DMF for a period of three years following an individual’s death, except to “persons” who are certified under a program, administered by Commerce, and who can demonstrate that they have (i) a legitimate fraud prevention interest or (ii) a legitimate business purpose pursuant to a law, governmental rule, regulation, or fiduciary duty.

The Department of Commerce will review the eligibility of applicants, examine the safeguards and conduct audits of certified entities to ensure compliance. LifeStatus360, LLC can demonstrate a legitimate need to access to the SSA Death Master File, and thus meet the requirements for Section 203 of the Bipartisan

Budget Act’s fraud protection guidelines for certification. LifeStatus360 is the only service provider within our industry to reside within a Class “A” building, we are HIPAA Compliant, conduct annual drug testing and utilize “live-scan” background checks on all employees.

 LifeStatus360 will continue to champion the cause for their customers and the industry at large. They look forward to working with the Department of Commerce during the rule making process. Considering their long standing relationship with the NTIS, in conjunction with the strict security measures they follow, they foresee no interruption in service during the certification process. They will continue to be a leader within their service industry.

 Where things stand at this time:

Pertaining to safeguards, LifeStatus360 has invested in the data security policies and procedures to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

 The National Technical Information Service (NTIS), a cost-recovery government agency with the Department of Commerce, and the current distributor of the SSA DMF, will be instrumental in certification and delivery of the DMF.

 Guidelines have not yet been defined for the certification program. Thus, there are no details of how long the certification process will take.

NTIS has assured us that no one will be cut off due to the certification process not being implemented. An announcement by the NTIS to this effect is being worked on.

 LifeStatus360, LLC continues to work closely with lobbyists and our local Representatives as they advise Congress about the unintended and disastrous consequences of the changes made through the interpretations of section 205(r) of the Social Security Act.

 About Life Status 360, LLC

 Since 2001, LifeStatus360, LLC has delivered the most comprehensive data compliance solutions using a combination of proven technology and industry best practices. LifeStatus360, LLC was the first to provide a continuous death audit service, which remains a market innovator. LifeStatus360, LLC supports the pension, insurance, financial, government, and a wide variety of other industry segments. Security is first at LifeStatus360, LLC and we continuously work to advance our solutions to meet the regulatory requirements of our industry. Our pro-active approach and commitment to the industries we serve provides a comprehensive solution that are not available elsewhere within our industry. We “think outside the box” to identify the data sources our clients need to meet their compliance objectives. The LifeStatus360, LLC mission is to deliver both pioneering and sustainable solutions that fulfill our client’s fiduciary responsibilities.

LifeStatus360, LLC’s mission is simple– provide revolutionary, proactive solutions to fulfill our customer’s fiduciary responsibilities.

 The Congressional Record from December 17th, 2013 includes the discussion of the DMF issue on the Senate floor by Senators Enzi (R-WY), Nelson (D-FL), Senator Casey (D-PA), Senator Murray (D-WA) (Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman), and Senator Hatch (R-UT) (Ranking Republican of Senate Finance Committee).


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