Security is Everyone’s Top Concern

August 5, 2017

As the world continues to see more and more data breaches and cybersecurity risks, the focus of our industry and many others has changed. No longer are we focused on the latest technology or advancing our systems; we’re now focused on our cybersecurity and how we can continue to increase our security to protect our customers’ and our proprietary data. In our industry, our past concentrations include:

  • Our data sources – the SSA DMF, obituaries, various States’ data, and our proprietary LSP sources
  • Ease of use: we became the first company in our industry to shift from traditional paper reports to a completely digital SaaS
  • Our speed: we became the first company in our industry to offer daily reports when others could only get as slow as weekly

In a recent article on TechRepublic by Macy Bayern, titled, “Good Security Design is Essential for the Future of a Company,” a great observation was presented by LastWall’s CEO and Co-Founder Karl Holmqvis: “Companies should remember that cybersecurity is no longer the responsibility of just the IT people,” he said. “Everyone needs to be aware and trained.”

How LifeStatus360 is Addressing Security Concerns

While our past pursuits to create the best Death Audit and data compliance company in our industry have led to our recent successes, security is now our top focus. We’re regularly asked about our security measures, and we are enhancing security from all angles, including:

  1. Security architecture and design are essential in creating and maintaining a secure company. LifeStatus360 is a tech company, and we have integrated security design into our proprietary SaaS platform and its processes. By maintaining the latest and greatest security tools and developing trusted relationships with security companies, we make sure we’re at the forefront of security concerns.
  2. We are routinely implementing security measures from the ground up. Security is built into the system and regularly updated, unlike older companies who attempt to make their systems and processes secure after the fact. Security is job #1.
  3. Security is the responsibility of everyone. Everyone – not just IT. We make sure our customers are aware of it, and that all of our employees and vendors are also aware of our security measures.
  4. We provide ongoing security training because we are always in security training mode. We have recently partnered with one of the top security training forms, and we are continuously ensuring that our employees and partners maintain the highest levels of security awareness and training.
  5. Our focus is on ISO 27001, a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). Certification(ISO) versus Attestation (SOC).
  6. Educate yourself! We always recommend learning from the best and the brightest, especially when it comes to security. Our Director of IT, David F. Wiley, recommends these sites to learn more about security awareness:

There are security awareness updates every month. Check back to our blog regularly for updates on how to safeguard yourself and your company from online cybersecurity threats.

Is your pension benefit information and PII data secure? With LifeStatus360, it is.

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