Q&A with David Wiley and Chris Scaramastra

February 29, 2016

Old and outdated “default standards” drove David Wiley and Chris Scaramastra to look hard at the data compliance and death audit industry. Recognizing the need for better, more innovative technology, Wiley and Scaramastra recently re-branded Small World Solutions into Life Status 360 and are bringing new technology to the market that can handle, process, present and secure data better.

Backed by data-driven analysis and discovery, data engineering and domain experience, Life Status 360 is officially here.

Wiley and Scaramastra recently answered a few key questions to help introduce Life Status 360 and uncover the innovative strategy and position of this revolutionary data tool.

Q: You have been talking about Life Status 360 without formally announcing it to the industry. What is the strategy behind that?
A: We wanted to communicate with our current clients first and foremost. As with anything, adopting a new system takes collaboration on both parts. We wanted to make sure that our transition process was as seamless as possible. We were absolutely committed to creating Life Status 360 in an extremely robust environment. We’ve had a few users taking part in a beta testing phase and have been very pleased with their feedback. We’ve made adjustments and improvements over the past few weeks, and we feel we are really ready to introduce Life Status 360 to the larger industry.

Q: You talk a lot about “old standards” in the industry. Talk about Life Status 360 setting a new standard.
A: We’ve always been challenging the industry and pushing the limits on the abilities of our product and our competitors’ products – we were the first to offer weekly reports, and now we can offer daily reporting. We’ve been able to incorporate obituaries into our system, and while no one can offer 100 percent accuracy, we absolutely believe that Life Status 360 can identify more deaths than any other tool on the market.

A huge part of our success was determining the best technology and software available that would help create a fast and accurate application and would help Life Status 360 set the standard for big data and database technology in our industry. Some of our competitors are using out-of-date technology and antiquated desktop applications, and as a tech company, that wasn’t going to cut it. When Life Status 360 was in its very early stages, we looked at all of the possible technologies when it came to application development partners. Now more than ever, we feel we made the best decision for the company and, more importantly, for our customers, by choosing Alpha Anywhere, which was just awarded the 2016 InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award.

Q: How do you sell Life Status 360? How do you convince those who are not yet customers?
A: We know our clients are required by law and various regulations to comply with certain standards and processes. And for that reason, there are a number of products and services available. Life Status 360 isn’t just about data compliance – it’s really about information engineering. Our customers know what they need and want, we certainly don’t have to lecture them.

Life Status 360 was created to make our clients’ reporting and daily tasks easier, faster and more reliable. We knew there was a better way to get the job done. We’ve made it so that clients don’t have to run formal reports; Life Status 360 will present the latest and most up-to-date information at log in. We don’t want our clients to choose Life Status 360 because they have to; we want them to choose it because it’s the best tool on the market. To demonstrate that point, we are currently offering a 7-Day Challenge, which is completely free. We want prospective customers to put Life Status 360 to the test and stack it up against their current tool.

At the end of the day, Life Status 360 is more than a database. We are constantly evolving and improving to ensure Life Status 360 only gets stronger and more reliable. We are data engineers at our core. We are sourcing and organizing millions of pieces of information and data from multiple sources, including a few proprietary solutions, and mining it in a way so that our clients get what they need in the exact format that they require.

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