Following the limitations placed on the LDMF (Limited Access Death Master File), we knew there was a way to bridge the gap of information left by this change. When we started reviewing all of the available information, we discovered that obituaries and death notices were the way we could provide our customers with the most information despite the limitations. Enter: Obit360.

Obit360 is the cutting-edge answer to the missing LDMF records; what is missing in the LDMF can typically be found in this service.  Take a look at the differences between our obituary database and the LDMF: Obit360 added 2.8 million records in 2017, while the LDMF added only 1.3 million records! That’s quite a significant difference!

How obituary matching assists death audit solutions

How Obit360 Supplements the LDMF

In order to accurately locate our customers’ participants, we need complete, clean data. The LDMF provides name, DOB, DOD and age of the individual, and while this information is useful to us, we need more than that to accurately locate the participant using Obit360. Obit360 data provides name, residence, age, DOB, DOD and the official obituary/death notice, which can contain additional information about beneficiaries and history of life. This information is incredibly important to our customers’ when locating any participants’ beneficiaries or decedents to ensure proper allocation of benefits.

Just finding the additional information should be a sufficient reason to include Obit360 in your death audit services! Obit360 provides additional obituary tools for searching, filtering, notification and reporting, probability index (P-Index) and our proprietary search algorithm (which we think is pretty impressive!). On top of all of these fantastic options to make your life easier, we also integrated a simple-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and a stellar user experience (UX).

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As with our Death Audit and Life Audit Solutions, the Obit360 solution provides our customers with industry-leading technology to provide the fastest results. Obit360 is our solution to the gaps left by the LDMF, and it’s been helping our customers locate all of their missing participants and/or missing beneficiaries.

Join one of our Death Audit Solutions webinars to check out how Obit360 can help your business perform better. At LifeStatus360, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality technology to lead the data compliance industry into the world of digital transformation.

A practical and fantastic data experience. Try our Obit360.

Obit360 provides valuable information to death audit services