News for January

A Review of 2016

LifeStatus360 Is a Hit!

Wow, what a year!

Our framework, new user interface (UI) and daily processing is changing the industry.
We have added over 300 new customers, this year alone!

Daily Reports are a Hit!

If you want to identify your deceased participants faster, use LifeStatus360 Daily Reports! It is simply a faster and more comprehensive search.

LifeStatus360 Proprietary Source is a Hit!

LifeStatus360 Proprietary Source has proven itself to find more people than our competitors, who utilize just the SSA DMF and States of Vital Records.  The sooner you identify your participants as deceased, the sooner you can take action.

LifeStatus360 Obit360 Index

Our daily updated Obituary Index is dynamic. It speeds up the identification process and has helped close the gap of missing SSA DMF death records.  It is not a 100% gap fixer (thank the Government) but it is close.  Obit360 Index, along with our LifeStatus360 Proprietary Source, is the industry’s very best One-Two punch to identify reported deaths.

LifeStatus360 Services

Our services are:

  • Death Audit Services
  • Life Audit Services
  • Address Search
  • Relative Search
  • DOD Search
  • Email Search
  • SSN Verification

What is New?

We will be expanding our operations and services into the

  • Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Confirmed Address

We will be expanding our offices here in Concord.

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