Location, Location, Location – What’s More Important When it Comes to Security?

February 15, 2017


What comes to mind when you think about “security”? For some, it’s the Secret Service and for others, the NSA. For others, it may be the security guard at the hospital or the police officers who patrol the neighborhood.

When we think about security, we think about how to best protect our company and our customers. At LifeStatus360, security is one of our top concerns. We fortify our website and our servers with the latest security measures to protect our data sources, our proprietary SaaS platform, and our customers’ data. Our security begins at the front door, which is where every company should first apply their security measures. After all, if you don’t have a secure location, how can you honestly tell your customers that their data is secure with your company?

Data Security Begins at the Front Door

The data compliance and death audit industry doesn’t discuss how important location is to data security, and at LifeStatus360, we want to change that. We believe that location is where security begins, which is why we are housed in a Class A Security Building that’s not located near any major roadways, has on-site 24-hour security personnel, state-of-the-art security cameras and live video monitoring.

Our competitors don’t impart their security measures, though they do state that they provide maximum security for their data. Take a look at our building:

LifeStatus360 Class A Security Building in Concord, CA

Now, take a look at a few of our competitors (as of February 2017; check current websites as these may have updated):

Competitor’s Locations

Click on a competitor to see their office and location.


As you can see from these photos, our infrastructure provides a higher level of security to ensure that our customers’ data, our data sources and our proprietary SaaS platform remains safe from outside threats.

LifeStatus360 Provides Maximum Security for Your Data

At LifeStatus360, we believe that transparency is the best way to show our commitment to our customers and our dedication to our business.  Inquiring about where your death audit provider houses their data is the first step in any security investigation, and it should always be the first question you ask. Take a look on Google Maps to see where the building is located. Check the safety of the area.

We know that some of our competitors operate in lower class buildings, and sometimes even out of a home. How secure is your data if it’s being stored in a building without the highest security measures in place? If the security of their facility isn’t a priority to the company, it’s likely that the security of your data isn’t either. Let us walk you through our security measures and experience the difference with our services. Contact us online or via telephone at 888-LIFE-360 to learn how our data compliance services can help your business.

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