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January 18, 2018

What do a United States Department of Labor (USDOL) audit, missing participants, digital footprints and LifeStatus360 all have in common?


Pinpoint360 is our exciting, new compliance solution that utilizes our C3™ process to help you locate your plans’ missing participants and maintain your compliance with the new USDOL audit requirements.  Compliance Made Faster.

The USDOL is ramping up its audits of retirement systems with lost, missing or incomplete data on participants. The new requirements are putting a new sense of urgency on plan administrators to locate (or pinpoint) former employees and/or their beneficiaries, allowing them to receive the benefits they are owed.

New vs. Old: Transforming Data Compliance Solutions

In the past, locating a missing participant involved the USPS and the IRS – you can see where that would get dicey. A more recent method (and one that is used by some of our competitors) is another paper-based “solution” that averages a 20% success rate. These are what we like to call the “brick-and-mortar” methods that are paper-oriented, non-green, slow and ineffective.

The new century needs a new method. This new time has a new environment and we’ve seen phenomenal social change in recent years, as our society has transitioned almost entirely from paper to digital. As leaders in the death audit industry (and huge tech enthusiasts – don’t believe us, just ask!), we focus on the tech and on how we can apply the latest technologies to new data compliance solutions.

We cast our digital net and provide our customers with the most up-to-date digital footprints of your participants to help you connect and communicate with those participants as required by the DOL rules and regulations. We assist with the regulatory compliance requirements and provide you with a detailed Statement of Completion that you can then pass along to the DOL for verification and validation of the “Reasonable Search Steps” you pursued to fulfill your regulatory requirements.

What is a Digital Footprint & How Do We Use It?

A digital footprint is a trail of a person’s digital identity in today’s modern digital environment. It can include websites you visit, emails you’ve sent, and information you’ve submitted or has been collected by online services. Essentially, our normal day-to-day activities, as well as major and minor events in our lives.

Let’s break this down a little further though:

  • Passive Digital Footprint: personal data made accessible online with no deliberate intervention from an individual. This is a data trail that’s left unintentionally online.
  • Active Digital Footprint: personal data made accessible by deliberate posting or sharing of information by an individual. This is a data trail that’s left intentionally online.

An online data trail is very different from a paper trail, as a paper trail can be destroyed, altered or lost. A personal digital footprint can follow an individual for life! Every time an account is opened for a service, a person’s data is capture.

Every day, participants contribute to their digital footprint – some public, and some not. Whether deliberate or not, the digital footprint is there and creates a trail, a unique set of traceable and redeemable digital activities, actions, contributions and communications that are established on the internet or on a digital database.

That’s where Pinpoint360 comes in!

Our NextGen solution – Pinpoint360 – and our specialized C3™ process help you to fulfill the new USDOL requirements, allowing you to reconnect and communication with your participants.

Fast, easy and effective. Pinpoint360. Clean data, current data, complete data. C3™.

Contact us at 888-LIFE-360 or email compliance@localhost to learn how Pinpoint360 and C3™ can help you locate your missing participants as part of a regulatory compliance audit.

Lifestatus360 – 2019 – Evolution in Action.



    Very interested in this new product… any demos/tutorials we can view online, or must we schedule something specific to our account? Please let me know at your earliest convenience!

  • Hi Tara,

    We apologize for the delayed response. Pinpoint360 will have a webinar available soon to describe the process. We will send some additional information to your email.

    Thanks again!

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