LifeStatus360 Receives Altius IT Comprehensive Security Certification

April 10, 2017

LifeStatus360 is pleased to announce that we’ve received the highest security certification available for the data compliance industry! Altius IT, founded in 1993, provides “higher level network security audit, risk management, assessment and security consulting services,” and holds advanced certifications in each of these fields. Following an extensive audit of our network, platform and data security protocols, we have passed their comprehensive security audit, including our network environment and web application software.

This is especially important because we are the only company in our industry to undertake and receive this security certification. Many of our competitors are SOC and/or SSAE certified, but these certifications don’t imply security. These certifications simply mean that they’re compliant, but not that they’re secure. In other words, a SOC and/or SSAE certification simply ensures that all of your paperwork has been filed and is compliant with federal regulations.

We are first a technology company, and the most important aspect for every technology company is the security of data, software and other intellectual property. Our main focus has been on our security certification before moving on to our SOC/SSAE certifications because we want our customers to know that their PII data is secure – and we have the necessary requirements to prove it.

Why AltiusIT for Comprehensive Security Certification?

LifeStatus360 is dedicated to using the best technology to ensure our customers’ satisfaction with our solutions. We chose AltiusIT for our Comprehensive Security Certification because they are a leader in security and auditing, having been in business for over 20 years. AltiusIT holds extensive certifications in a variety of security measures, including security and penetration testing, ensuring that their certifications guarantee the security of our customers’ data, our data and our proprietary data sources.

Our association and business relationship with AltiusIT has been an extensive undertaking, and has helped us to increase our already extensive security measures because, as AltiusIT says, “If you want a ‘security audit,’ you need a certified auditor.”

How Does SOC/SSAE Certification Affect Data Compliance?

So why have our competitors not sought out security certifications, especially since they store vast amounts of PII data? SOC and SSAE Certifications are the largest in our industry, but are controlled by CPAs. While CPAs are necessary, especially in our industry, they are not the final word on data security, especially where technology is concerned. Tech companies excel at security because security is the most important component, and is even more important due to the sensitive nature of PII data.

In this industry, many businesses come to us and request to see our SOC/SSAE certifications, but possibly don’t understand the difference between these certifications and security certifications. When you’re seeking out a new provider for your death audit and life audit services, we’d like to recommend that your first question be: “Can you show me your security certifications? Who provided your security audits and your security certification?”

Receive Secure, Daily Death Audit & Life Audit Reports from LifeStatus360

As a leader in the data compliance industry and strong proponents of technology, we are setting the new industry standards from our intuitive SaaS platform to our security protocols. If your business provides retirement funds, pensions, or is positioned within a union, having reliable, secure access to death audit and life audit data is crucial to maintaining your records and ensure your compliance with federal and state regulations.

LifeStatus360 is here to help, and we are the only company in our industry to provide security certifications that reinforce our dedication to our customers. We provide daily reports using our extensive database, which includes LifeStatus Proprietary and Obit360. Sign up for our free demo to see just how simple our solutions are, and join us in our free 7/30 Challenge to put our services to the test against your current provider.

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