LifeStatus360 unveils exclusive Obit360 service

January 29, 2016

Obit360 is the latest development from LifeStatus360. The new Obit360 service is available to all LifeStatus360 customers at no additional charge – without the need to purchase “credits” – and allows for unlimited obituary searches and results.

Unlike other available tools, Obit360 is updated and results are presented daily. The rapid search function provides reliable results that can be used against customer data sets. If determined it is the correct person, the information can be moved into your death audit results.

Obit360 does not produce the false positives often generated with other competitive tools. Obit360 provides a complete and interactive set of results based on the millions of new obituary records added in 2015, with more expected in 2016.

Obit360 doesn’t just produce reports like other tools. It produces results, making Life Status 360 the best provider of death matching in the industry.

Not using Life Status 360? You may be at risk. Ask your current provider if they built their current Web solution using IronSpeed. Talk to us – we’re here to help.

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