Life Status 360 Successfully Renews Death Master File Certification

By Demonstrating Proper Data Safeguards and Secure Storage Practices, LifeStatus360 Continues to Offer Uninterrupted Access to Social Security Death Master File

June 23, 2015

LifeStatus360, LLC, an industry leader in data compliance and death audit services, has secured its Death Master File (DMF) certification for a second year in a row. In 2014, following concern over data security and fraud, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) restricted the use of and access to the Social Security DMF and its data only to certified persons or companies.

The Limited Access DMF is an important tool used for verifying death and is used by pension funds and insurance organizations, Federal, State and Local governments, credit reporting organizations and other industries responsible for verifying life status.

“The Death Master File certification is vital to our ability to help our clients ensure life status of those seeking benefits related to pension plans or insurance claims,” said David Wiley, Information Systems and Operations at LifeStatus360. “We make sure that the information we are providing is as up-to-date and as reliable as possible.”

LifeStatus360 couples the DMF with other proprietary and commercial tools to provide the most comprehensive and continuous death audit service.

Coming off of a recent rebranding strategy, LifeStatus360, formerly Small World Solutions, has been challenging the traditions of the industry and focusing on developing innovative ways to improve the features and functionality of the tools currently on the market. The company is preparing to launch a completely new product offering later this summer and will make more information available over the next few months.

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