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When LifeStatus360 first started, we looked around at the current competitors and asked our customers, who, in some cases used our competitors’ services, “What do you want? What do you need? What is missing in your current solution?”

The overwhelming answers?

  • More Data Sources
  • Increased Delivery Speed
  • Ease of use

So, we rolled up our sleeves and started developing the current LifeStatus360 SaaS solution. The 2.0 project. We believe we could do it. Currently we have:

  • We have the only Daily processing in the industry.
More Data Sources:
  • We added Obit360 and made it an integral part of our process.
  • We added our proprietary data sources we call LSP (LifeStatus Proprietary).
  • To date we have over 32009 data sources which is twice as many as the leading competitors own claim of 15000+ data sources in a recent press release.
  • One of our competitors claimed to have “hundreds of data sources.”
Ease of Use:
  • Our Software as A Service (SaaS) solution was designed with ease-of-use in mind.
  • Important data up-front.
  • A User Interface (UI) you are already familiar with (Excel-like grids).

We give you the data, the processes and functions, and the tools you need to process your Death and Life Audits.

But We’re Not Stopping There!

We are pleased to announce LifeStatus360 3.0. The project is still in development and it’s exciting!

Over the last 2 years, we have collected all of our customers EXCELLENT ideas. We are incorporating the best of the best in 3.0!

  • We will maintain our industry-leading daily reports but add additional real-time processing for those emergency projects our customers have from time to time.
  • We are always looking for and adding new data sources. We will have additional sources to fill in the gaps made by the LADMF. (That’s 32009+!)
  • Increased ease of use: Wow! Just wait until you see the new interactions, grids and UI. We are incorporating the latest in UI.

Security: Keeping Data Safe & Secure

Switch Data Center in Reno, NVFirstly: While we’re always looking for ways to improve our solutions, we are always looking for ways, means and methods to increase our already secure site and software.

We will be adding additional computing resources and placing them in the brilliant, excellent ultra-modern, ultra-secure SWITCH facility in Reno

Secondly: We are associating with SonicWall and using their latest and greatest solutions to provide us with the next-generation firewall and cyber security.

The latest perimeter firewall protection, intrusion prevention, content filtering service, behavior-based endpoint security, endpoint rollback and advance reporting and attack visualization is to say the least – Fabulous!

Finally: There has been a lot of competitor TALK about artificial intelligence as applied to certain deaths.  More TALK about taking the human (aka you) out of the equation and giving it to “subject matter experts” (SME).

Hmm… Does that mean MORE people will be looking at your data?

I don’t think so!

You are the most important part of the process and the equation.

We need you and the process needs you to determine what is right or wrong about YOUR data.

Not some artificial solutions (aka it) with SME’s that are required to learn your methods. Do you have to train it? What happens when your data or compliance or legal requirement change? Do you have to train it again?

That seems like a lot of extra work and much ado about nothing. And if extra people are looking at your data, that is a security risk!

At LifeStatus360 we give you the results and the tools to help you do your job. We listen, we adapt, we apply.

So, in Project 3.0 we are utilizing Soft Computing Technology to bring you the best results possible.  Soft computing approaches problem-solving by using means other than computers. Using the human mind as a role model, soft computing is tolerant of partial truths (good data, bad data, missing data), uncertainty, imprecision and approximation.

We humans are full of that stuff and, sadly, we tend to pass it on to our data.

The flexibility of soft computing allows us to provide new solutions that traditional computing can’t process (or it). Soft Computing is the science of reasoning, thinking and deduction that knows and uses the real-world reality of data (bad, incomplete or missing data), its grouping, memberships, and classification of various data types under analysis.

We concentrate on Computational Intelligence (CI) not artificial processes (it).

So, we will keep you posted on Lifestatus360 3.0 as we move forward in the coming months providing you with the best of the best.

From the desk of David F. Wiley Director of IT and Operations.

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