GAO Recommends Full Access to the SSA DMF

August 25, 2017

The United States government is currently scrambling to find a way to avoid a shutdown, and a recent report on Federal News Radio includes a list of the different measures the government could take to increase revenues and eliminate unnecessary spending as a “short-term spending measure. One of the key items in the resolution to avoid a government shutdown directly affects the Death Audit industry.

“Access to the Social Security Administration’s full Death Master File […] promises agencies can save billions of dollars” by eliminating overpayment and fraud on a wide variety of government programs, pensions and retirement funds. In the past year alone, several government programs, such as SNAP and Social Security, have reported fraud and billions of dollars of overpayment. These programs fall under “the agencies with the most partially addressed or not addressed actions.”

How LifeStatus360 Uses the DMF for Death Audit Solutions

The recommendation from the GAO of allowing full access to the Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSADMF) is one of particular importance to our industry. While we regularly utilize the DMF for our Death Audit and Life Audit Solutions, full access would allow us to find more matches for our customers while increasing our ever-growing list of sources. To supplement the lack of information from the Limited Access Death Master File, we’ve included the States’ death sources, Obit360 and LifeStatus Proprietary. We’re very excited that this recommendation has been made because our goal is to continue being the best in our industry – through our technology, through our sources and solutions, and through our service and dedication to our customers.

Let us show you why we’re better than our competitors during the 7/30 Challenge, where you have access to our proprietary SaaS platform free for 30 days. After this introductory period, we’re offering 25% your current Death Audit rate if you’re with our competitors. Simply provide us with the latest invoice from your current provider!

Is your pension benefit information accurate and secure? With LifeStatus360, it is.

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