Everybody likes art. Right?

Image Courtesy of Niio.Art

From the Desk of Director of IT David F. Wiley:

Well, okay, almost everybody likes art. I, for one, like roaming around the various galleries and museums to view and enjoy the different themes and shows. My taste is eclectic, and changes depending on the season, mode, or person accompanying me. There are just so many good artists out there to add to the list of the classical artists we all grew up with, studied, and viewed. 

And the media has changed.

We may have even bought a few copies of our favorite art and placed them in our homes and offices. But, you know, tastes change, and that beautifully framed artwork copy (where the frame costs more than the piece) doesn’t do it for you anymore. What to do?

Step Up to the Revolution

When I first heard about rotating artwork and Bill Gates’ Collection, I wanted that so badly, but at the time, technology and price points didn’t match. Translating that good idea to the masses just wasn’t available.  

But now, we have Roku, Samsung Art Frame, LQ Gallery Mode, and others. To borrow from Samsung “TV when it’s on and Art when it’s off.”  I love the idea. I have a few art pieces I like rotating.

Increased Productivity Through Music and Art

I am always looking for more ways to increase productivity at home and work — music, neutropics, smells, meditation, and art.  For me, music and art have inspirational qualities. While music is fluid, 2d art is not, no matter how beautiful the pictures are on the new flat-screen TV, a slide show is still a slide show.

For me, sometimes you need a point of focus, to quick-start those neurons or to take you to structures and connections not thought of, conceived, or seen before. I need to see or feel the elephant from the other side. Maybe even ride the elephant. That is why some of us developers, programmers, software engineers like Sci-Fi. It takes our mind and soul into that new expanse. Music and Sci-Fi can be very inspirational.

Niio Art

I recently discovered the next step in the art at home and the office revolution; art that is fluid. True digital art. Niio Art. What a great idea! Digital art presented to and shared by millions.

Niio’s art moves, inspires, and takes you on that journey of stimulus and creativity. 

Want to Try an Experiment?  Art, Music, and Productivity

  1. Go to the Niio Art site (https://www.niio.com/site/)
  2. Put in the back of your mind a project you are working on, a problem you can’t see, feel, or touch yet.
  3. Now:
    1. Put on Arise by E.S Posthumus (Makara Album)
    2. Click on the Niio art Cezanne Unfixed sample.
    3. Get lost in the site and the sound — moving zen.
  4. Repeat as needed.

My only complaint about Niio.art? The price point. I am almost, almost there, pressing the button at the Start>Personal plan. But not yet. Until then, I’ll repeat the experiment above with different music and samples.  Enjoy!

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