Digital Innovation in a World of Death (Audits!)

December 29, 2017

Change is constant, and digital disruptions are now omnipresent as digital revolution quickly transforms the central nature of many companies and industries. At LifeStatus360, we strive to understand the technology paradigms, process and economics innovating digital-centric businesses and the change it can and will bring.

We recently discussed Digital Transformation – when a business and the way it operates moves from a “traditional” operation model, processes, procedures management culture and thought to a modern and technologically-focused method of operation. Digital transformation lowers operational costs, enhance customer experience, improve time-to-market or deliverables, and provide constant feedback to management to continually improve: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA).

The flipside of the Digital Transformation coin is Digital Innovation.

Digital innovation at LifeStatus360

What is Digital Innovation?

Digital Innovation is something new, something original, something innovative. For us, it’s the application of better solutions that meet the needs of our customers and their business requirements, unspoken needs and existing and upcoming compliance, industry and market needs. We’re creating solutions through more effective products, processes, services and technologies. Innovation!

Our Digital Innovation begins by predicting new opportunities, implementing in an agile way, and presenting them to our customers to provide personalized experiences and real-time solutions.

Evolution in Action: Digital Innovation Leads to Digital Transformation

There’s a tendency to regard software as something can be “finished,” so to speak, but at LifeStatus360, we know better. Market forces, compliance requirements, new laws and standards, and customer requirements prove that point. There is no end to eliminate solutions, there is no end, there is no ONE solution, and to that end, software is never finished. If the environment is changing, you must change, and so do we. Adapt or die!

We are always looking at the latest technology, the best in DevOps, more sources and innovations that encourage transformation. We are always looking for any successful new way of thinking or doing things that assist us in delivering faster and better. Digital Innovation is the best strategy.

We have exciting new technologies coming in 2019! Stay tuned and don’t forget to pass on your ideas and requirements! We’re listening.

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