Death Master File Improvement Project: New Additions

January 21, 2019

In fiscal year 2019, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will add nearly three million (3,000,0000) death records to the publicly available Death Master File (DMF). Following a review by the National Technical Information System (NTIS), the records were determined as necessary to be included in the DMF.

Schedule of Death Record Improvements & Additions

In addition to the influx of records we received last year, we’re anticipating this increased volume to bolster our Death Audit Solution. The schedule for 2019 is:

Continuing Death Improvements (CDI)
12/16/2018 10,000
02/24/2019 up to 1.7 million
03/24/2019 10,000 records
04/21/2019 up to 1.2 million records


Historical records may have a higher volume of zeros (0000) in the Date of Death (DOD) field. These zeros could have been present in the actual death information SSA received, but also may have been used by the reporting agency to indicate information was missing in the actual death report or, in the case of paper records, the data may have been illegible when keyed into the SSA DMF database.

Despite the missing DOD, the additional records will increase the accuracy, integrity and completeness of SSA’s records as well as the DMF. We will keep you informed as to the increased volume of the week as it comes in.


David F. Wiley

Director of IT/Operations LifeStatus360



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