Cybersecurity & Data Breaches: How We are Working to Stay Secure

October 13, 2017

We’ve all heard about the recent data breaches at Equifax, Deloitte and Yahoo!, but some of you may not have heard about the lesser-known or publicized data breaches at Deloitte and Adobe and social media sites like FriendFinder Networks, Ashley Madison and Myspace. Take a look at this graph and check out those numbers! In addition to these most recent data breaches, there’s also:

  • Anthem: breached due to a phishing scam
  • IRS: breached by impersonation
  • US Office of Personnel Management: malware

While many of these sites were secure, there’s always the weakest link that allows data breaches to happen – and we understand what that weakest link is: people.

It’s becoming more and more terrifying to be online, but at LifeStatus360, we’re doing everything we can to mitigate cybersecurity risks to protect not only our customers’ data, but also our proprietary data and SaaS system. Because the weakest link is people, we take steps to training our team, limit access to sensitive data and make sure that we’re at the forefront of the latest cybersecurity trainings available. Additionally, we’re consistently bolstering the security of our system online and working toward the highest level certifications for PII data that’s used in our death audit reports.

LifeStatus360 Offers Secure, Reliable Death Audit Reports

How does your organization maintain your fiduciary responsibilities and federal requirements regarding deaths? Our death audit reports are the fastest in the industry, delivering results as quick as daily to ensure the accuracy of your records. We’re also the most secure death audit provider in the industry, certified by AltiusIT and we’re currently working with several other organizations for additional certifications.

Let us show you why we’re the best in the industry and a more reliable option than your current in-office solution. Contact us for our free webinar to see how our proprietary SaaS platform provides quick results, and take our 7/30 Challenge for a free 30-Day trial.

Is your death audit data secure? With LifeStatus360, it is.

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