COVID-19, Public Pensions & Death Audit Solutions: LifeStatus360 is the Answer

Coronavirus Disease 2019 and its effects on society

COVID-19 has changed the global landscape, and perhaps not in the way anyone expected or wanted. We’ve seen a mass calling for sheltering in place, causing many businesses to close their doors, send employees home (some to work, and some to the unemployment line), and find alternate ways to do business. Public pensions are no different.  

A recent New York Times article discusses what COVID-19 could mean for public pensions, as we know that many of those funds were already in trouble as more and more Americans are retiring. Now, those financial troubles continue to increase as we see the markets continue to drop despite drastic efforts by lawmakers.  

How Death Audit Solutions Aid Pension Fund Administrators 

What we can tell you is that, that despite the recent market drops, the loss to public pension funds, and many other pandemic-related issues, we are still here, and we are still processing death records and obituaries. That data is still being sent to our customers to assist with their records in order to reduce overpayments, which could wind up costing pension and retirement funds money during a time when those monies needs to be more closely monitored than ever.  

At LifeStatus360, we understand the urgency with which you need to update your records. We work with a variety of public pension funds, from the state and local governments to unions, and know that there are individual needs for each vertical. Our industry-leading Death Audit Solutions provide the fastest data updates – as frequently as daily – and we integrate obituary data to provide the most comprehensive data as possible. Our team is diligently working to help public pension fund administrators update their records with clean, accurate data.  

Contact LifeStatus360 for Death Audit Solutions Amid COVID-19 

Let our team at LifeStatus360 help your team accomplish the overwhelming task of keeping your records up-to-date during this time of uncertainty. After all, during times of uncertainty, you need a trusted partner with years of experience to provide continuity of service and dependability.

Our highly-secure SaaS is available from any computer, so even if your team is not physically in the office, you can access our platform to run your reports and update your records as needed. Let us show you how quickly, efficiently, and easily you can find the information you need for your public pension fund, retirement system, or other application. Request a free webinar to view our Death Audit Solution now and update your records with clean, current data.  

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