In the data compliance industry, nothing is more important or can be more overstated than checking the credentials of any company you consider doing business with. Many companies in the data compliance industry may not have the correct certifications to receive the information you need for your life audit and death audit reports.

At LifeStatus360, we understand the importance of holding the highest levels of certification in our industry, which allow us to accurately report the data required by our customers. We are at the forefront of the data compliance industry, and continuously exceed the expectations of our customers by providing secure, fast results using the latest technology.

Data Compliance Certifications at LifeStatus360

Certifications are the guiding principle that ensure customers know whether the business they’re working with complies with government regulations. In the data compliance industry, it’s even more important to investigate the certifications every company holds to make sure that your data is secure and accurate.

We know that our solutions are the best in the industry, and our certifications and security protocols only enforce our dedication to our customers. Our certifications include:

NTIS DMF Certification LogoThe U.S. Department of Commerce NTIS DMF



                                       AltiusIT Comprehensive Security Certification



As more certifications become available with the tightening of U.S. regulations for pension funds, retirement funds, life insurance policies and other fiduciary businesses, we are committed to consistently leading the way for the data compliance industry.

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In the data compliance industry when large amounts of non-public personal information are involved, maintaining up-to-date and accurate certifications are one of the most important aspects of any business. At LifeStatus360, we understand that our certifications are the vehicle by which we receive our data and exemplify our compliance with the regulations set forth from the United States government.

Our death audit and life audit solutions provide our customers with the most reliable, fastest results in the industry. Learn how our solutions can help your company save time and money by contacting us online or via telephone at 888-LIFE-360.