Browsers and Security

December 19, 2016

Browsers, we use them every day. There are quite a few choices out there. Here at LifeStatus360, we support the latest and greatest. We do encourage you and your companies to always stay current with the latest and greatest versions for your browser. Keep your browsers up to date for more secure web browsing. If you run a web browser that is out of date, it might contain security vulnerabilities that will leave yourself vulnerable every time you surf the web. If your browser is vulnerable, this will put your computer and data at risk.

So, the best and basic rule of thumb we can suggest: Keep your browser (and your operating system) current.

Other Advantages

What are the other advantages of keeping your browsers current?  More than ever websites are taking advantage of all the new features that modern web browsers can provide. For example, HTML 5, CSS3 and CSS styling, video, audio, advanced JavaScript and of course security and encryption. All of them rely on you having a modern and up to date web browser.

What are the most popular browsers?

  • Chrome * – 73.8 %
  • IE – 5.2 %
  • Firefox * – 15.3 %
  • Safari – 3.5 %
  • Opera * – •    %

* Automatically updates each time it detects there is a newer version available.

Anything new out there?

Oh yes.
Take a look at that the Wired article from 7/3/2016 by Brian Barrett  “4 Browsers That Might Break Your Chrome Addiction”. The list of new browsers are Vivaldi, Opera (not new – but improved), Brave and Edge.

Be Safe

Remember to be safe and secure while surfing on the internet, keep your browser current (and your operating systems too), don’t let your browser save your webpage passwords or other personal data and keep your passwords strong.

If you have any tech question, give us a call. We are glad to help.

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