Bridging the Gap Left by the SSA Death Master File (DMF)

June 2, 2017

The Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSADMF) is our industry’s go-to source for death audit data, and is believed by many to be a complete document that provides reliable information to help pensions, unions, insurance and retirement funds maintain their compliance with government restrictions and regulations. However, as we’ve seen an increasing number of unclaimed property and overpayments and regulations continue to be limited by the information available on the DMF, we have to wonder why the decision to completely open the DMF hasn’t already passed.

Until the Limited Access DMF is completely open, we deliver a variety of additional sources to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable data compliance solutions. To bridge that gap we use:

  • LSP – LifeStatus360 Proprietary – our commercial group of sources
  • Obit360 – our obituary matching for extensive death audit data

While we are certified to receive the limited SSA Death Master File (DMF), we know that it is not a foolproof source for death audit data. At LifeStatus360, we go the extra mile for our customers to ensure their fiduciary obligations are in accordance with federal restrictions and regulations.

LifeStatus360 Death Audit Services Fill the SSA Death Master File (DMF) Void

We understand the importance of maintaining your fiduciary obligations, which is why we use the latest technology on our proprietary SaaS platform and provide our customers with daily results. Our Death Audit services and Life Audit services are available on-demand or in a batch, allowing you to choose the best option for your organization, and our reporting is customizable for your needs.

At LifeStatus360, we know that our solutions are the best in the industry. If you’ve been working with one of our competitors, let us show you why our solutions are superior by contacting us online or via telephone at 888-LIFE-360, or request a walk-through webinar to see how our SaaS platform works in real-time. As a new customer, you can also enjoy 25% off your current Death Audit rate.

Speed – Sources – Security: Our Solution to You

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