Alpha5 Provides Superior Security for LifeStatus360

February 18, 2017

A secure location is where security should start at any business, but that’s not where it stops for a company that’s dedicated to keeping not only their data secure, but also maintaining the integrity and security of their customer’s data. At LifeStatus360, we bring our extensive security measures into the office and into our proprietary SaaS platform by partnering with Alpha Anywhere.

President of Alpha Developers Network (IADN) Steve Wood states: “The Security Framework is fully integrated in the Alpha Anywhere platform […] for traditional web design and […] mobile design. This includes secure login and ensuring that data is only updated and modified by those users with the correct permissions by setting field-level access controls.”

Using the Alpha Anywhere framework, we can closely monitor the security of the SaaS platform:  “All user logins, logouts and activity while using the application are logged both for security purposes and to study how the application is used,” says Steve Wood. “At the programming level, security can be applied all the way down to individual data fields. In addition, the Alpha security system protects data entry from common threats like ‘sql injection.’”

LifeStatus360 uses the Alpha Anywhere Web Security Framework in a variety of ways, including:

  • Login Tracking
  • Auto-complete on Log-In Page
  • Component Level Security Reports
  • File Verification
  • Virtual Page Security
  • AJAX Requests

Contact LifeStatus360 to Learn About Our Security Measures

From the front door of our Class A building to the front door of our proprietary SaaS platform, security is our top priority when it comes to our data sources and our customers’ data. We take extra precautions when a new customer contacts us for our life and death audit solutions. Our extensive security measures coupled with our expertise and knowledge of the data compliance industry helps us set the new industry standards of compliance solutions.

Let us show you how our security measures work to protect you and your company while providing solutions that exceed your expectations and save you and your company time and money. Contact LifeStatus360 to start your 7/30 Challenge today and experience the LifeStatus360 difference.

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