Additional Sources Combat Changes in Size of DMF

March 31, 2016

When the Limited Death Master File was unveiled back in 2011, LifeStatus360 quickly stepped up to the plate and secured the necessary certification to be able to access the Limited DMF. The Limited DMF no longer contains the protected state death records that the Social Security Administration receives through the various contracts with individual states.

This change affected the number of records in the system by nearly 4.2 million individual records and turned the industry on its head. We quickly realized that in order to deliver the best information possible to our customers, LifeStatus360 needed to develop, source and (in some instances) create additional resources that would help validate the information contained in the DMF.

LifeStatus360, in addition to the DMF, uses a variety of information sources (including a proprietary source), to ensure that the information reported in our system is as up-to-date and robust as possible – making up for the deficit in records. We use information sources unlike any other data compliance provider.

LifeStatus360 is once again leading the industry with innovative features, including our newest addition – the Customer Notification Death System. The Customer Notification Death System allows our customers to report a death instance that may not have been listed by any other reporting service. When our customers enter the information into the LifeStatus360 system, our team uses that information to fully inspect the instance until we are able to detect an official death.

By utilizing our expanded and exclusive access to death records and data, LifeStatus360 reduces the occurrences of false positives and allows multiple match automation to help our customers accurately find these critical death records.

Our system is the first to offer daily notifications and real-time research services. While our competitors still provide outdated and cumbersome reports, the LifeStatus360 notification model is dynamic, faster and more reliable. We have created the new industry standard.

Don’t forget – ask your current provider if they are still using outdated technology. You may be at risk if they built their current Web solution using IronSpeed. Talk to us – we’re here to help.

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