Additional Death Records Hitting the SSADMF this Weekend

Here ye, here ye: big news!

This weekend marks another round of death record updates to the Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSADMF). On June 22, 2019, we’ll receive 6,500 historical death records in addition to our normal death record update. Any of these that apply to your population, we’ll be sure to apply in your next report.  

The Social Security Administration had this to report:

 “SSA continues to be actively engaged in an initiative to improve our death data.  As a part of this initiative, in fiscal year 2019, SSA will add nearly 3 million death records to the full and publicly available Death Master File (DMF) over the course of several months.  These records are deaths currently maintained in our records that we determined should be included in the DMF.  This effort to update the DMF with these records may result in an increase to the volume of the death reports that you receive.  Additionally, these historical records may reflect a higher volume of zeroes in the date of death field.  This generally occurs on older records because SSA’s prior death reporting process did not require a valid date of death.   As a result, the zeroes could have been present in the death information SSA received.  The zeroes also could have been used to indicate information that was missing in the death report or, in the case of paper records, simply illegible when we keyed them into our electronic database.

Sharing these deaths will increase the accuracy, integrity, and completeness of our records as well as the DMF.  We will notify you a week prior to receiving an increased volume of death information in your files.  You can expect to receive an anticipated volume along with that communication.”   

LifeStatus360 is Here to Help with Your Death Audits

At LifeStatus360, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality death audit solution with the most complete data we can find. While these updates from the SSA significantly bolster the amount of records available, don’t forget that we also use Obit360 and our proprietary sources to provide the most complete and industry’s fastest results, helping our clients reduce overpayments and maintain compliance.

We’re here to keep you updated on the latest happenings with the DMF, as well as what’s happening with us – and we’ve got some big news coming soon! Stay tuned…

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