Monthly Archives: August 2017

GAO Recommends Full Access to the SSA DMF

August 25, 2017 The United States government is currently scrambling to find a way to avoid a shutdown, and a recent report on Federal News Radio includes a list of the different measures the government could take to increase revenues and eliminate unnecessary spending as a “short-term spending measure. One of the key items in […]

The Evolution of LifeStatus360 & the Death Auditing Industry

August 14, 2017 Over the years, the death audit industry hasn’t experienced many changes. The companies who operate in this niche industry have several similarities, but the differences are where we lead. As new technology makes its way to the market, our team at LifeStatus360 continues to integrate new ways to report the data our […]

Security is Everyone’s Top Concern

August 5, 2017 As the world continues to see more and more data breaches and cybersecurity risks, the focus of our industry and many others has changed. No longer are we focused on the latest technology or advancing our systems; we’re now focused on our cybersecurity and how we can continue to increase our security […]