Monthly Archives: March 2017

Breaking News: MA HB34 Introduced w/ Amendments to Life Insurance Provisions

March 22, 2017 Massachusetts HB 34 was introduced on March 16, 2017, and amends the life insurance provisions pertaining to the Unclaimed Property law. Life insurance providers are required by law to complete data compliance audits annually or semi-annually, depending on the statutes issued by the individual states. These amendments require that every policy that […]

As Pension Transfers Rise, so do Interest Rates

March 15, 2017 According to recent press releases and articles, the pension risk transfers are on the rise, with many pensions being transferred to Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).  While not strictly a government entity, PBGC is supported by the government to issue pension funds to the rising number of fund participants. However, what many […]

LifeStatus360 Provides the Industry’s Quickest Death Audit Results

March 8, 2017 When maintaining any fiduciary, one of the most important tools are death audit reports, which provide valuable information on the mortality of your participants. Traditionally, many of the companies in this industry provide death audit services that report as late as weekly, but others report bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and annually. But data […]