Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Difference Between a Tech-Based Death Audit Company & Everyone Else

February 22, 2017 Technology continues to make waves in a variety of industries – consumer products, financials, logistics and government. As many companies begin to implement technological advances into their corporations and processes, there are some companies who continue to remain stuck in the past. Those stuck in the past rely on outdated technology that […]

Alpha5 Provides Superior Security for LifeStatus360

February 18, 2017 A secure location is where security should start at any business, but that’s not where it stops for a company that’s dedicated to keeping not only their data secure, but also maintaining the integrity and security of their customer’s data. At LifeStatus360, we bring our extensive security measures into the office and […]

Use Obituary Matching for Your Death Audit Searches

February 4, 2017 Death audit services are a simple way to manage the funds being dispersed to benefit plan recipients, life insurance participants, and other fiduciary obligations. Changes made to how the Death Master File (SSDMF) collects and disperse data, however, makes it more difficult to find the information you need to accurately discern the […]